Beach Ordinances and Rules:

Rip Currents

- Do not Panic!
- Do not swim against the current!
- A Rip Current can not pull you under water!
- Swim parallel to shore until you feel you are out of the current.


Swimmers who are not familiar with the ocean may enter the ocean and realize they're being taken parallel from where they started. These are called long shore currents. If you don't pay attention to where you are, it could take you blocks away before you realize! It is recommended to find a landmark to stay in line with.

Marine Life

While jellyfish stings can be uncomfortable, they are generally harmless. The stings can be treated with Vinegar or 70% Isopryl Alcohol. Both of which can be found at your nearest lifeguard tower. Peeing is not an effective treatment!

Stringrays typically sting only when they're stepped on. If stung, please alert a lifeguard. To ease the pain, apply the affected area with the hottest, tolerable water.

Dehydration & Sunburn

Dehydration and Sunburn occur very fast on the beach with often no warning.

To stay protected
- Drink plenty of water before, during, and after you go to the beach. - Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. - Use an effective sunscreen and apply often. - Use a beach umbrella - Be aware of when the heat and sun are the most intense. (Midday)

Eye Protection

A long day at the beach can damage your eyes. The sun often shines with no obstacles, and is reflected by the sand and water. Ensure your glasses have UV protection.


Never swim when there is an ongoing lightning storm!